St. Florian’s Gate in Krakow

St. Florian's Gate city wall krakow

A postcard sent to Breslau during the German occupation of Krakow in 1942.

A photograph showing a Nazi German flag flying from a building close to St. Florian’s Gate, the main gate of the old defensive city wall, in Krakow. The city was then part of the General Government, a separate administrative region of the Third Reich. The General Government was headed by Hans Frank who was based in the city’s Wawel Castle. Germany planned turning Kraków into a completely German city after the removal of all Jews and Poles. Locations and street names were renamed (Brama Florianska becoming Floriantor) and propaganda attempted to portray it as a historically German city.

St. Florian’s Gate was the main entrance into Krakow in the past, with most royal processions and coronations entering the city through the gate, and going onto the Main Square and Wawel Castle.

More details on the Brama Florianska (St. Florian’s Gate) itself.

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