St Stephen’s Day

St Stephen’s Day is celebrated in Poland on the 26th December or the second day of Christmas in Poland. It is an official public holiday in Poland with banks, government offices, schools, and most private businesses closed. Families and friends meet up to spend time together and many have a large dinner together. Most Polish churches also put special services on. In many ways the things that happen on St Stephen’s Day (the Feast of Saint Stephen) in Poland are very similar to what happens on Boxing Day in English-speaking countries such as England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

st stephen's day poland

Saint Stephen (Stefan or Stephanus) is venerated as the first martyr of Christianity. He was stoned to death after being accused of blasphemy by Jewish authorities in around 35 A.D.

English / Polish translation: St. Stephen in Polish is Sw. Szczepan. Saint Stephen is Święty Szczepan.

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