Stalag XXI D Posen / Poznan

Stalag XXI D Prisoner of War Camp in Posen / Poznan

The Stalag XXI-D (21D) camp in Posen / Poznan was established in 1940 and held at several sites anything up to 3,000 prisoners of war at various points in time. It held British, Polish, and allied soldiers with most of the British soldiered being originally captured in the Dunkirk area of northern France. The camp was emptied in late 1944 and early 1945 with many prisoners made to march long distances westward ahead of the advancing Red Army, which arrived in the Poznan area in January 1945.

POWs Posen Poznan

British Prisoners of War at Stalag XXI D POW camp in Posen, Poznan, 1941.

Note – Although the location is in present-day Poland, Stalag 21 D was a German World War Two POW camp, established after the invasion of Poland in what the Germans called the Reichsgau Wartheland.

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