This afternoon we travelled into the town of Sulecin in Lubuskie, Poland to do some shopping. Here are six photographs of places around Sulecin selected totally at random. They don’t represent either the positive or negative aspects of the town. Just a reflection of our visit today. Come back soon for another realistic look at both Sulecin and Poland!

Sulecin Hospital

The hospital in Sulecin, Lubuskie, Poland.

Sulecin childrens playground

A children’s playground in Sulecin. Nothing very modern or high tech but great fun!

Sulecin shops

Shops and church in the centre of Sulecin, Lebus, Polen.

Sulecin church

A advertising pillar, found all over Poland, and the church in Sulecin in the province of Lubuskie.

sulecin fountain

A close-up of the simply wonderful fountain in Sulecin, Lubuskie, Poland.

sulecin bank

The WBK bank and Gothic church in Sulecin. The church of St. Nicholas here dates back to the late 13th century,

Sulecin related fact: Trains stop here on the Rzepin to Międzyrzecz railway line.

Villages and towns in Sulecin county (powiat): Chartów, Kołczyn, Krzeszyce, Lubniewice, Ownice, Rudnica, Słońsk, and Torzym.

Other content with a connection to Sulecin:
- Old pre-war images of Sulecin / Zielenzig.
- The River Postomia.

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