Suwałki Through Time

suwalki railway station bahnhof

A photograph of the railway station in Suwalki in 1916.

A selection of images showing the town of Suwałki in the Podlaskie province of north-east Poland.

suwalki 1939 1845

A super old picture postcard of a river crossing in Suwalki between 1939 and 1945.

Some things you may not know about Suwalki:
- Suwalki is located close to the border with Lithuania, the Kaliningrad region Russia and Belarus.
- Suwałki is the second largest city in the province of Podlaskie.

suwalki polska

A late 1960s photograph of horse and carts and part of the Rynek (Market) area of Suwalki, Podlaskie, Poland.

- Suwałki is on of the coldest places in Poland! Temperatures can drop to around -24 Degrees Celsius in winter.
- A rather splendid statue of Pope John Paul II has stood in Jozef Pilsudski Square the since 2007.

Suwałki  polen poland

A colour photograph of shops in Suwałki, Podlaskie, north-east Poland, c.1974.

- Although most of the population of Suwalki are Roman Catholics and served by ten diferent Catholic churches, there are also several other churches and religions present. These include: a Seventh Day Adventist Church, two congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Lutheran Church, two Orthodox Churches, a Pentecostal Church, and a Buddhist centre.

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