Syców / Wartenberg

Syców Gross wartenburg

The town hall and church in the centre of Syców (German: Gross Wartenburg), c.1939.

Syców (former: Wartenberg / Gross Wartenburg) is a town in Lower Silesia, south-west Poland.

sycow gross wartenburg

A photograph of the castle and information in German on Sycow (Gross Wartenburg), c.1940.

Three things you may not know about Syców:

- Syców was known as both Gross Wartenberg and Polnisch Wartenberg prior to 1945.
- At the end of the war, the town hall and the castle were looted and set on fire. Both buildings were demolished in the early 1950s and replaced by a car park and square.
- At the last census the population of Sycow numbered just over 10,000.

Syców Wartenberg

The railway station in Syców (German name Gross Wartenberg), c.1941. The line to Bukowa Śląska (Buchelsdorf) closed in 1989.

Where is Sycow?

Syców is around 27 kilometres north-east of Oleśnica, 29 kilometres north of Namysłów, and 47 kilometres north-east of the regional capital Wrocław.

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