The Synagogue in Posen / Poznan

synagogue poznan

The ‘New’ Synagogue in Poznan (Posen) as it looked not long after it was built in 1908.

Four images of the ‘New Synagogue’ in Poznan (Posen), Wielkopolskie, western Poland.

synagoge poznan poland

A early ‘Tucks’ picture postcard of the New Synagoge in Poznan, Poland, c.1909.

The early history of the ‘New’ Synagogue in Poznan, Poland.
- The New Syangogue replaced three earlier synagogues, which had fallen in to disrepair.
- The New Synagogue’s foundation stone was laid in May 1906.
- The opening ceremony of the synagogue took place on the 5th of September 1907.

synagog poznan

A vintage image of the New Synagogue in Poznan (Posen), Poland, c.1918.

The wartime history of the New Synagogue:
- Early in the Second World War the synagogue was converted into an indoor swimming pool for the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, who in the process completely destroyed the interior and demolished the dome.

synagogue posen poznan

An old photograph of the ‘New’ Synagogue in Poznan (Posen), Poland, c.1919.

The post-war building:
- The former ‘New’ Synagogue continued to be used a swimming pool until the late 1990s.
- The building was given to the Jewish Religious Community of Poland in 2002. Who at present have some plans to restore the building to something resembling to its prewar appearance and turn it into a centre of Judaism and Tolerance.
- There is some controversy over what should happen to the synagogue. Some individuals have asserted that it should be completely demolished as the building of this synagogue was in some way originally part of the German policy of Kulturkampf, the aim of which was to limit the influence of Polishness and Catholicism in Poznan.

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