The Synagogue in Kattowitz / Katowice

Synagogue Katowice Kattowitz

Click on the above image of the Great Synangogue to enlarge picture to view more detail. This postcard is from 1911.

The Great Synagogue was the largest synagogue in Katowice (Kattowitz). It was built in 1900 and designed by Ignatz Gruenfeld. The synagogue was set on fire and destroyed on the 4th September 1939.

On the spot where this building once stood there is now an area named Synagogue Square with a monument to the Jewish inhabitants of Katowice who perished during the Second World War.

Katowice is a city in Upper Silesia in the south of Poland, on the Klodnica and Rawa rivers (tributaries of the Oder and the Vistula respectively).

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