Here are a selection of old communist-era images of the small town of Szprotawa (former Sprottau) in the southern part of the province of Lubuskie in the west of Poland.

Szprotawa railway station

A photograph taken in 1971 of Szprotawa railway station, Poland. The car parked outside looks like a British Hillman Imp.

Here are a few things you might not know about Szprotawa:
- Sprottau / Szprotawa suffered extensive damage in the fighting between the defending German army and the attacking Soviet Red Army in February 1945.
- Szprotawa was called Sprottau until becoming part of Poland in 1945.
- Szprotawa is located around 50 km from the Polish-German border.
- The population of Szprotawa is approximately 12,200.


Socialist apartment blocks opposite the town hall in the centre of Szprotawa, c.1974,

- Szprotawa is something of a centre of light industry with garments, food, and wooden furniture, all made in the town.
- Zaganska Gate, one of two medieval gates, in Szprotawa, houses the town museum.
- The postcode for Szprotawa is 67-300.

szprotawa poland

Another photographic view of the centre of Szprotawa, Poland. Picture taken at the same time as the previous scan.

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