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Stary Dworek

Stary dworek obra

A traditional wooden carving close to the River Obra in Stary Dworek.

Images of and information on the village of Stary Dworek, near Skwierzyna, in Poland.

Children fishing in the River Obra in Stary Dworek.

Children fishing for tiddlers in the River Obra in Stary Dworek in Lubuskie, Poland.

Some things that not everyone will know about Stary Dworek:
- Prior to the end of the second World War, Stary Dworek was called Althoefchen and part of Germany.
- The name Stary Dworek means ‘Old Manor House’.
- The population of Stary Dworek currently numbers around 240.
- The baroque style Church of St. Joseph in Stary Dworek dates back to 1776.
- The ruins of an eighteenth century manor house and distillery survive.
- The ruins of part of the Międzyrzecz Fortified Region, can still be seen in Stary Dworek.
- The River Obra in Stary Dworek is well-loved by canoeists and kayakers in Poland.

Stary Dworek

What remains of the old manor house in Stary Dworek, Lubuskie, western Poland.

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Information on and photographs of the village of Bledzew in Lubuskie, western Poland.

Bledzew is a village in the Miedzyrzecz district, and is around 25 kilometers south of the large city of Gorzow Wielkopolski and 10 kilometres south-west of the town of Skwierzyna. The River Obra flows to the east of the village and an attractive historic bridge takes the road from Bledzew to Skwierzyna over it.

Some things you may not know about Bledzew:
- A 13th century Cistercian Abbey once stood in Bledzew. Sadly it was demolished in the 1840s.
- A small hydroelectric power station was constructed near Bledzew in 1911. As a result of this the attractive Bledzewski lagoon lake was formed.
- Prior to 1945 Bledzew was called Blesen and part of East Brandenburg / Neumark.
- The Polish writer Eugeniusz Paukszta based his novel ‘Znak żółwia’ (Sign Turtle) in and around Bledzew.
- There were once three water mills in Bledzew. Only one survives today.
- Bledzew has a small disused Jewish cemetery with around twenty tombstones.

Here are a couple maps showing exactly where Bledzew is in the world. The first map is interactive!

The GPS coordinates for Bledzew are: 52°31′02″N 15°24′53″E.

bledzew pl

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Blesen / Bledzew

Blesen Bledzew

A pre-war postcard showing the Church and part of the town of Blesen in former Neumark, Germany.

Three old postcards of Blesen, near Meseritz (Miedzyrzecz). Since the end of World War Two the town has been named Bledzew and part of the Polish province of Lubuskie in western Poland.

Blesen Bledzew

The interior of the Catholic church in Blesen (Bledzew) as it looked in the 1930s.

Blesen Bledzew

The lake in Blesen (Bledzew) around 1910.

Places not far from Bledzew: Chycina, Lubniewice, Miedzyrzecz, Skwierzyna.

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Weissensee / Chycina

Weissensee Chycina

Here we have a selection of old picture postcards of what was prior to 1945 Weissensee in the German province of East Brandenburg. In 1945 following the redrawing of the Polish and German borders the village was renamed Chycina and became part of Poland. Today, Chycina is part of the Polish province of Lubuskie and a place not greatly changed from how it looks in the pre-war photographs included here.

Chycina Weissensee

The manor house above was built in the early nineteenth century by the von Kalckreuthow family. It was destroyed in 1945.

weissensee chycina poland

Chycina polish poland

Not far from Chycina: Bledzew, Lubniewice, Miedzyrzecz, Skwierzyna.

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