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Brinsdorf / Bronice

bronice brinsdorf

Children and teacher outside the school in Bronice / Brinsdorf, c.1919.

Archive images of the village of German-era Bronice (Brinsdorf), in the Jasień (Gassen) and Żary (Sorau) area of Lubuskie, western Poland.

bronice brinsdorf jasien

The war memorial (kriegerdenkmal) in Bronice / Brinsdorf, c.1919.

Prior to 1945 Bronice was called Brinsdorf and part of Germany. The population of Bronice is currently around 125. It’s a small village with a number of interesting late 19th century / early 20th century buildings and an early half-timbered barn.

bronice brinsdorf zary

Paul Stope’s Guesthouse in Bronice / Brinsdorf, c.1919.

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