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Shortage of Children in Poland

News from Poland

The New Child Benefit Program

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With an average of just 1.3 children per woman, Poland currently has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world. Because of this the shortage of children in Poland has been the subject of much debate and in the news a lot over recent years. In an effort to solve the problem the new PiS government plans to bring in a new child allowance where 500 zloties (120 Euros) per child will be given to families each month. Payment will be made only after the second child in each family. Meaning no child benefit will be paid to those families that only have one child. It is thought that this new welfare program will cost the Polish taxpayer around 20 Billion Zloties (5 billion Euros) per year. There is much discussion in the Polish media as to whether this program of child benefit is affordable and will actually result in encouraging women to have more children. Currently direct financial support for families in Poland is almost non-existent.

Education in Poland and the UK

News from Poland

Comparing Education in Poland with the United Kingdom

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According to a report by the Boston Consulting Group covered in an article published by the British newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’ Poland comes out better than the UK in several important aspects of education.

- Schools in Poland have smaller class sizes. Poland has an average class size of 20, while the UK average is 26.
- Polish children achieve higher levels in important subject areas. International test results for maths and science show that Poland’s students achieved higher test results than the UK.
- a higher percentage of students go on to university in Poland than do in the UK.

Well done Poland. It’s good to be able to report some good news from Poland!

Foreign Language Study in Poland

Fascinating Fact # 25

Children in schools in Poland typically learn two foreign languages. The most popular foreign languages taught in Polish schools are:

1 – English
2 – German
3 – French
4 – Spanish
5 – Russian

More than 70% of all children at schools in Poland are currently learning English as a foreign language.