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Socialist era Lublin

Lublin 1924

Lublin in the Communist Period

lublin castle

Three picture postcard images of Socialist-era Lublin in Poland.

lublin tower blocks

Three facts about Lublin in Poland:

- The Majdanek concentration camp was established by the Germans just outside Lublin.
- Honker trucks are produced at a factory in Lublin.
- The city of Lublin has a population of almost 350,000 and is the ninth largest city in Poland.

Communist era Włocławek

Socialist Wloclawek

wroclawek polska

A photograph of pre-war buildings in the centre of Wroclawek, Poland, c.1959.

Three images of Włocławek, kujawsko-pomorskie, during the communist period (1945 – 1990).

 Włocławek poland

A photograph of Plac Wolności in Włocławek, Poland, c.1959.

Three things you may not know about Wloclawek:
- The biochemist, Leon Marchlewski, was born in Włocławek in 1869.
- Wloclawek has three railway stations and is located on the Kutno – Bydgoszcz – Toruń mainline.
- The registration plates of all cars and trucks registered in Wloclawek begin with the letters CW.

Włocławek polen

A picture of Stary Rynek in Włocławek, kujawsko-pomorskie, Poland, c.1974.

Wloclawek is located on the Vistula River in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian province of Poland.

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