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Krosno Odrzanskie

Krosno Odrzanskie

The central square area of Krosno Odrzańskie as seen from the air, c.1989.

Three images of the Polish town of Krosno Odrzańskie as it looked in the late 1980s.

Krosno Odrzańskie

An old image of the centre of the town of Krosno Odrzańskie, Poland, c.1989.

Prior to the end of World War two Krosno Odrzanskie was named Crossen Oder and part of Brandenburg, Germany.

krosno pl

An aerial photograph of Krosno Odrzańskie, c.1989.

Krosno Odrzańskie is located in the province of Lubuskie in western Poland.

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Communist-era Krosno

Krosno Odrzańskie Through Time

Krosno Odrzańskie

The fountain on Plac Jadwigi Slaskiej in Krosno Odrzańskie, western Poland, c.1967.

Here we have a small sample of the many images we have of the small town of Krosno Odrzańskie (former: Crossen an der Oder) in the province of Lubuskie, western Poland. These were all taken during Poland’s Communist period – 1945 to 1990.

krosno odra

The church on Sw. Jadwigi Slaskiej in Krosno, in the west of Poland, c.1970.

Krosno Odrzańskie pl

The monument to the ‘return to the Motherland of the Oder / Odra region’ in Krosno Odrzańskie, Poland, c.1974.

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Wartime Crossen / Krosno


An old photograph of German soldiers near the barracks in Crossen an der Oder / Krosno, c.1940.

Three archive images of wartime Crossen an der Oder / Krosno Odrzańskie during the Second World War.

crossen oder krosno

A photograph of soldiers on and around Adolf Hitler Strasse in Crossen / Krosno, c.1940.

Following on from the post-war Potsdam Conference, Crossen an der Oder, being east of the Oder-Neisse line was placed under Polish administration, and the German inhabitants of the town expelled westward and replaced with Poles. Crossen was then renamed Krosno Odrzańskie.

crossen oder

Another wartime image of Crossen Oder. This time featuring the barracks and soldiers near the parade ground.

Krosno Odrzańskie is a town on the eastern bank of the River Oder / Odra, at the confluence with the Bóbr River. Krosno currently has a population of around 12,000 and is a part of the province of Lubuskie, western Poland.

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Crossen Oder POW Camp

The World War One POW Camp in Crossen an der Oder

crossen oder lager camp

Prisoners of War waiting for soup at the Prisoner of War Camp (Kriegsgefangenenlager) in Crossen, c.1915.

During the First World War a prisoner of war camp was established by the Germans, to hold mostly Russian prisoners, just outside the town of Crossen an der Oder in what was then the German state of East Brandenburg, present-day Krosno, Lubuskie, western Poland. Here are scans of some of the old images we have in our collection of the POW camp in Crossen.

crossen an der oder prisoners of war

Bread being carried by prisoners under Prussian guard at the POW camp in Crossen Oder (Krosno Odrzańskie) in 1915.

The camp in Crossen a/ O. was of the ‘Mannschaftslager’ type. A basic camp for enlisted men rather than officers. Prisoners were of several different nationalities including Russian, French, Belgian, British, American, Canadian, Italian, and Serbian. Many of whom were put to work outside the camp in agriculture, on farms in the area.

crossen krosno pow camp

The pharmacy at the First World War POW camp in Crossen an der Oder (Krosno), c.1915.

Crossen an der Oder was renamed Krosno Odrzanskie at the end of the Second World War when the borders of Germany and Poland were redrawn following the decisions made at the Potsdam conference of July / August 1945. Nothing remains in Krosno today of what was the First World War P.O.W camp.

Crossen camp krosno

An old French postcard featuring a photograph of prisoners at work under guard in Crossen in 1916.

Similar prisoner of war camps were established and in use throughout Germany between 1914 and 1918. Other POW camps located close to Crossen included ones in Frankfurt an der Oder, Guben (Gubin) and Sprottau (Szprotawa).

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