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Częstochowa Through Time

Częstochowa 1899

A very early lithographic picture postcard image of Częstochowa in what was Lesser Poland. Mailed in 1899.

A selection of pre-war images of the city of Częstochowa, Silesia (śląskie) in the south of Poland.

Częstochowa  Czenstochau

A German picture postcard of Częstochowa / Czenstochau, commemorating the taking of the city from Russian forces, c.1914.

Some things you may not know about Częstochowa:
- Czestochowa is located on the banks of the River Warta.
- When Poland was invaded in 1939 Częstochowa was renamed Tschenstochau, and became part of the General Government.
- In April 1941, a Jewish ghetto was created and it is believed that more than 40,000 of Częstochowa’s Jews died during the war.

Częstochowa  1916

A scan of an old picture postcard of the New Market Square in Częstochowa, c.1916.

More information on Częstochowa:
- The city of Czestochowa has a population of around 230,000. More than 400,000 people live in and around Częstochowa.
- Several million people from all over the world come to Częstochowa each year to visit the Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra, the home of the Black Madonna painting.

Częstochowa 1929

A photographic postcard view of the centre of Czestochowa, c.1929.

How to get to Czestochowa:
- There are at present six railway stations in the city and railway lines connect Częstochowa with Lubliniec, Kielce, Warsaw, Katowice, and Chorzew Siemkowice.
- The nearest airport is Katowice International, which is around 60 kilometres from Częstochowa.

Czestochowa  1936

Market day in the New Market Square in Czestochowa, Lesser Poland, c.1935.

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Czestochowa in the 1980s

A selection of images of Czestochowa in south central Poland as it looked in the 1980s.

Czestochowa 1980 poland

Four different views of Czestochowa, Poland, in the early 1980s.

Czestochowa 1989

Pictures and a map of Czestochowa on a postcard mailed in 1989. Click to enlarge image.

Częstochowa is a city in southern Poland located on the River Warta, which also runs through the western city of Poznan. Częstochowa has a population of just under 240,000 and although now part of Silesia it is a city that is historically situated within the area known as ‘Lesser Poland’.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world come to Częstochowa to visit the Pauline monastery of Jasna Gora, and see the shrine to the Virgin Mary and the famous Black Madonna painting.

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Black Madonna of Częstochowa

The Black Madonna or Black Virgin of Czestochowa is an internationally famous icon of the Virgin Mary, which can be viewed at the Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa, Poland.

Black Virgin

A close-up of a print we have on our living room wall of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa. Click to enlarge image.

The painting itself is wax and tempera on wood. Measuring approximately 4 ft high. The date of the painting and the artist is unknown. But it would be fairly safe to say that it was painted sometime between 400 A.D and 900 A.D. Unfortunately, restoration in the 15th century makes dating the painting precisely very difficult if not impossible.

Black Madonna

A recent photograph of the actual painting of the Black Madonna

To some the safety of the shrine of Czestochowa is closely tied to the wellbeing and independence of the whole nation. Indeed some believe that the very existence of Poland is due to the help of the Black Virgin of Częstochowa.

As a result, Częstochowa is without a doubt the most popular shrine in Poland, with many Polish Catholics visiting year after year and is seen by many thousands of international visitors each year.

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