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Drawsko Pomorskie

drawsko dramburg

The central Rynek area of Drawsko (Dramburg), c.1939.

Images of and information on the small town of Drawsko Pomorskie, in the province of Zachodniopomorskie (Western Pomerania), in the north-west of Poland.

Drawsko Pomorsie

A photograph of part of plac Konstytucji in Drawsko Pomorskie, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland, c.1960.

Some things you may not know about Drawsko Pomorskie:
- Drawsko was part of the German province of Pommern until it was taken by Red Army and Polish forces on the 4th March 1945. Following on from the decisions made at the Potsdam conference the whole area was granted to Poland, the population expelled, and the name changed from Dramburg to Drawsko.
- Much of the centre of the town was destroyed in the fighting and arson, which followed its takeover by the Red Army.
- The Baltic Sea coast is about 90 kilometres north of Drawsko Pomorskie.
- There are currently approximately 11,000 people resident in the town of Drawsko.
- There is a large military training area (proving ground) just south of Drawsko, which is often used by NATO forces. This facility of around 340 square kilometres is known as the Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area (DPTA).
- The River Drawa (Drage) flows through Drawsko and just outside the town is the Drawsko Landscape Park (Drawski Park Krajobrazowy).
- The postcode for Drawsko Pomorskie is 78-500.

drawsko pomorskie

A vintage picture postcard featuring a photograph of kayaks on Lake Okra in Drawsko Pomorskie, c.1974.

An interactive map of the Drawsko Pomorskie area of Zachodniopmomorskie, western Poland.

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Wusterwitz / Ostrowice

Ostrowice nm wusterwitz

An old picture postcard of the manor house (schloss) in Osterwice / Wusterwitz NM as it looked in the early 1920s.

Images of the manor house in the village of Ostrowice (former Wusterwitz), near Drawsko Pomorskie, in Western Pomerania (Zachodniopomorskie), northwest Poland.

Ostrowice Wusterwitz

Another photographic view of the manor house in Ostrowice (Wusterwitz), c.1939.

The Baroque-style manor house in Ostrowice was built in the early 18th Century on the site of an earlier brick-built house. It was the centre of a large estate of more than 60 ha. At the end of the Second World War ownership of the house and land passed to the Polish state. It was renovated in the mid 1970s and sold to a German-owned company in the late 1990s. It is now a private home.

Dramburg / Drawsko Pomorskie

dramburg drawsko

An aerial photograph of the central market square area of Dramburg / Drawsko Pomorskie, c.1929.

Three aerial photographs of pre-war Drawsko Pomorskie (Dramburg), now located in the province of Western Pomerania, north-western Poland.

dramburg drawsko

Another aerial photograph of part of the town of Dramburg / Drawsko, c.1933.

dramburg drawsko pomorskie

A birds eye view of the middle of Dramburg / Drawsko, c.1933.

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