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Pre-war Drezdenko

driesen drezdenko neumark

A busy animated picture postcard of the Market Square in Driesen / Drezdenko, c.1899.

A selection of images of pre-war Drezdenko (Driesen), Lubuskie, western Poland.

driesen drezdenko poland

The town hall and monument in Driesen Drezdenko, Lubuskie, Poland, c.1916.

driesen drezdenko neumark

A night street scene of Driesen Neumark / Drezdenko, c.1933.

driesen drezdenko netze

A view of the River Netze and church in Driesen / Drezdenko, c.1941. Note the timber floating on the river.

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Driesen / Drezdenko

Driesen / Drezdenko Through Time

driesen neumark drezdenko

An old postcard of the water tower and gas works in Driesen Neumark (now Drezdenko), c.1919.

Four images from our collection of the town of Driesen / Drezdenko in the province of Lubuskie, in the west of Poland.

driesen drezdenko

The market, town hall, and church in Driesen (now Drezdenko), c.1941.

Four things you may not know about Drezdenko:
- During the Napoleonic wars Driesen / Drezdenko was briefly occupied by French forces.
- In 1855 there was a cholera epidemic, which resulted in a large number of deaths.

drezdenko lubuskie

An old image of Stary Rynek in Drezdenko during the communist period.

- At a height of 78 metres the church in Drezdenko is the tallest church in Lubuskie.
- Drezdenko has a population of just over 10,000.


Another old photograph of the town hall and market square area of Drezdenko, Poland, c.1989.

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