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Brinsdorf / Bronice

bronice brinsdorf

Children and teacher outside the school in Bronice / Brinsdorf, c.1919.

Archive images of the village of German-era Bronice (Brinsdorf), in the Jasień (Gassen) and Żary (Sorau) area of Lubuskie, western Poland.

bronice brinsdorf jasien

The war memorial (kriegerdenkmal) in Bronice / Brinsdorf, c.1919.

Prior to 1945 Bronice was called Brinsdorf and part of Germany. The population of Bronice is currently around 125. It’s a small village with a number of interesting late 19th century / early 20th century buildings and an early half-timbered barn.

bronice brinsdorf zary

Paul Stope’s Guesthouse in Bronice / Brinsdorf, c.1919.

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Gassen / Jasien

gassen jasien lebus

Three old picture postcards of Gassen, Lausitz, since 1945, Jasien, Lubuskie, Poland.

Gassen Jasien Zary Lubuskie

Gassen into Jasien

In 1945 following the decisions made at the Yalta and Potsdam conferences the population of Gassen was expelled over the Oder-Neisse line to a smaller Germany and the town and whole area became part of Poland. Poles from central Poland and from parts of Poland, which had become part of Ukraine took their place. The name Gocław was initially chosen by the incoming Polish authorities, but in 1946, the town was renamed Jasień.

gassen jasien poland

Jasien today.

Jasień is a small town in the province of Lubuskie in western Poland. Jasien has a current population of around 4,300.