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A Synagogue in Poland

Wolsztyn synagogue poland

An early 1900s image of the centre of Wolsztyn (Wollstein), The synagogue is on the right.

Some archive photographs of a synagogue in the small town of Wolsztyn (Wollstein) in the west of Poland.

Wolsztyn synagogue synagog poland

Another photographic view of the Jewish synagogue in Wolsztyn, c.1916.

The synagogue in Wolsztyn was built in 1842 and extensively renovated in 1896. It served the diminishing Jewish population of the town until 1939 when it went completely out of use. During the war it suffered some damage and was converted in to a cinema when the war ended. It continued as the ‘Tatry’ cinema until the end of the communist period.

wolsztyn synagogue synagog

The former synagogue in Wolsztyn in Poland. After the war it was converted in to a cinema. This image from 1967.

In the late 1990s, the synagogue building was claimed by the Poznan Jewish community, who then sold it to a private investor, who planned to convert it in to a shopping centre. However, the building burnt down under mysterious circumstances at the end of last year (2009) and is no more.

There are some plans to rebuild some sort of commercial property on the site, perhaps incorporating a frontage in the style of the original synagog.

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A Synagogue in Poland

synagoge polen

An old postcard showing a general view of Meseritz/ Miedzyrzecz, with Synagogue marked, c.1925.

Two old images of the Synagogue in the town of Meseritz in former East Brandenburg, now Miedzyrzecz, Lubuskie, Poland.

Synagogue meseritz

An interior view of the Synagogue in Meseritz / Miedzyrzecz, c.1910.

The Synagogue in Meseritz / Miedzyrzecz was last used by the Jewish community in 1940. And during the communist-era was became almost derelict. However, the building has in the past few years been converted for office or retail use and at least externally looks to now be in good shape. On our last visit it was vacant and available for rent.

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