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Kreuz / Krzyz

Kreuz Krzyz Posen

A photograph of Lindenstrasse in Kreuz in Posen province, Germany, c.1914. Click image to enlarge.

Three pre-war pictures of Kreuz, since 1945, Krzyż in the province of Wielkopolskie, Poland.

Kreuz Krzyż

A photographic postcard of a steam locomotive at the railway station in Kreuz / Krzyż, c.1918.

The German name for the town Kreuz and the Polish name Krzyz translate literally in to English as Cross. The town which developed originally as a railway settlement around an important railway junction. The Poznań – Szczecin and Berlin – Bydgoszcz mainline railway lines.

The town was badly damaged in the fighting at the end of the Second World War and became a part of Poland in 1945 following the decisions made concerning where the post-war borders of Germany and Poland would be at the Potsdam conference.

Kreuz ostbrandenburg Krzyż

An aerial view of the town of Kreuz in what was on the borders of Posen and East Brandenburg, c.1930.

Krzyz is a small town in the province of Wielkopolskie, Poland. Around 6,000 people live in the town.