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A tourist information board for the Miedzyrzecz area in Kursko.

Kursko (former: Kurzig) is a small village with a population of less than 300. It is located in the Miedzyrzecz area of the province of Lubuskie, Poland.

Kursko manor house

The recently restored nineteenth century neo-classical manor house in Kursko.

Did you know?

- A large lake of over 70 hectares in sizes can be seen in Kursko.
- The church in Kursko was built in 1938. It was built to replace an early eighteenth century church, which was destroyed at the end of World War Two.

kursko poczta

Post boxes where mail is left for several of the houses in Kursko.

- Ruins that formed part of the impressive Miedzyrzecki Fortified Region (ostwall) dating back to 1934-1945 can be seen in and around Kursko. This part of the pre-war German fortification system, known as Schill, consists of several bunkers, a swingbridge over a canal, a machine gun position and a railway bridge complete with inscriptions including names and dates in German from the war years.

Kursko osada

‘Osada Kursko’ – the centre of thirteenth century settlement in Kursko.

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Kurzig / Kursko

The manor house in Kurzig / Kursko meseritz.

The manor house in Kurzig / Kursko, near Miedzyrzecz in Poland as it looked in the 1930s.

A selection of images from our archive of the village of Kurzig, since 1945, Kursko in Lubuskie, western Poland.


Another view of the 19th century manor house (schloss) in Kurzig / Kursko.

kurzig kursko

An early 1920s picture postcard view looking down towards the church in Kurzig / Kursko.

kurzig kursko miedzyrzecz

A scan of an old photograph of the main street through Kurzig / Kusko in the warly 1920s

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