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Karolówka in 1910

Karolówka Lublin

Three images of the village of Karolówka as it looked on a market day in the summer of 1910.

Karolówka / Karolowka

Karolówka is a small village near Frampol / Biłgoraj in the Lublin Provice (Voivodeship) of eastern Poland. It is approximately 7 kilometres south-east of Frampol, 10 kilometres north of Biłgoraj, and 70 kilometres south of the regional capital Lublin. The current population of Karolowka is just over 200.

Karolówka bilgoraj

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A Jew in Lublin

A photograph of a male Jew in Lublin

lublin jew poland

A scan of an original photograph taken by a German official in occupied Lublin, Poland, in early 1943.

Today’s random image from our picture archive – A Jew wearing an armband in Lublin in 1943.

At the start of World War Two, more than 40,000 or one-third of the population of Lublin were Jewish. Less than 300 survived the holocaust.

lublin polen

A photograph of a flower seller on the street in Lublin, Poland. c.1940.

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Lublin pOland

A photograph of shops, churches and streets in the centre of Lublin, Poland, c.1940.

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Franco Polonaise Alliance

French Polish alliance Poland

A super rare image of a meeting of the French-Polish Alliance in Lublin during world war One.

Franco Polonaise Alliance Lublin

The meeting of the Franco Polonaise Alliance in Lublin during the First World War.

Three original photographs from our picture archive of Franco-Polonaise (France-Poland) Alliance meetings in Lublin, Poland, during the First World War.

Click on any of the images to enlarge and see more detail.

france poland lublin

A photo of a French-Polish Alliance meeting in Lublin in 1915.


frampol polska

An early photograph of infantry soldiers gathered in Frampol at the start of the First World War.

A selection of old images of Frampol in Biłgoraj County near Lublin in south-east Poland.

frampol lublin

A photograph of the centre of Frampol taken after the German bombardment of the town in September 1939.


The bookshop and church in Frampol, near Lublin, Poland, c.1971.

A couple things you might not know about Frampol:
- 90% of Frampol was destroyed in a raid carried out by the German Luftwaffe on September 13th 1939.
- Frampol, or a fictionalized version, is the setting of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s book Gimpel the Fool.
- With a population of just 1,400 Frampol is one of the smallest towns in Poland.

Socialist era Lublin

Lublin 1924

Lublin in the Communist Period

lublin castle

Three picture postcard images of Socialist-era Lublin in Poland.

lublin tower blocks

Three facts about Lublin in Poland:

- The Majdanek concentration camp was established by the Germans just outside Lublin.
- Honker trucks are produced at a factory in Lublin.
- The city of Lublin has a population of almost 350,000 and is the ninth largest city in Poland.