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Nazi Gold Train Found in Poland!

News from Poland

furstenstein ksiaz

The possible location of the Nazi treasure laden train – Schloss Furstenstein / Ksiaz Castle in Silesia, c.1940.

Over recent days much of Polish media has been focused on one story – the rumour that a Second World War German train has been discovered hidden in a tunnel in the mountains of Silesia in south-west Poland. Reports suggest that it contains untold riches in precious metals such as gold, silver and tungsten, artwork, historically interesting Nazi documents, German army tanks, and high-tech secret weapons. Some observers even speculate that the infamous ‘Amber Room’ may be on board this long lost train.

nazi german train

A German train loaded with Nazi German tanks and munitions, c.1944.

Local folklore tells of a massive network of secret underground tunnels hidden under and around Ksiaz Castle (Schloss Fürstenstein) near Walbrzych (former Waldenburg). These tunnels were built in what was until the end of the war part of Germany and it has been reported by Nazi Germany to hide looted valuables from the advancing Red Army. Some fear that the train and tunnel would have been booby-trapped with explosives.

Should the existence of the train be positively confirmed (found) we will report it further here on Polish Poland! In the meanwhile you might like to have a look at some more images of the castle at the centre of the treasure train news.