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Dechsel / Deszczno

dechsel neumark

An old lithographic picture postcard of Dechsel / Deszczno, in what was then Brandenburg, c.1900.

Three old images of the village of Deszczno (former Dechsel), Lubuskie, western Poland.

dechsel deszczno

The railway station in Dechsel / Deszczno on the line between Gorzow and Skwierzyna, c.1910.

Three things you may not know about Deszczno:
- Until 1945, Deszczno was called Dechsel and part of East Brandenburg / Neumark, Germany.
- The postcode for Deszczno is 66-446.
- The population of Deszczno is currently around 1,100.

deszczno landsberg warthe

An old picture postcard image of a guesthouse in Deszczno (then Dechsel Nm), near Gorzów (Landsberg) c.1914.

See also a selection of old images of the nearby city of Landsberg an der Warthe / Gorzów.

Friedeberg / Strzelce Krajenskie

Three pictures of pre-war Friedeberg, since 1945, Strzelce Krajenskie, Lubuskie, Poland.

Friedeberg Strzelce Krajenskie

A highly-animated picture postcard of Friedeberg Nm, now Strzelce Krajenskie, Polen. Click to enlarge.

Friedeberg neumark Strzelce Krajenskie

A photograph of the market square in Friedeberg Neumark (Strzelce Krajenskie), Lebus, Poland, c.1905.

Freideberg Strzelce Krajenskie

The old town wall in Friedeberg / Strzelce Krajenskie, Poland, c.1910.

See also our vintage image of the railroad station in Friedeberg, c.1920.



A photograph of the town hall in Mieszkowice, western Pomerania, c.1967.

Three old communist-era images of Mieszkowice, western Pomerania, Poland.

mieszkowice mieszko

The monument to Mieszko the 1st in Mieszkowice, western Pomerania, c.1967.

Three things you may not know about Mieszkowice:
- Mieszkowice had a population of around 3500 at the last count.
- Mieszkowice was called Bärwalde until 1945.
- Between 1945 and 1947 Mieszkowice was called Barwice.

mieszkowice pomerania

Another view of the momument to Miezko in Mieszkowice. This photograph though taken in 1987.

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Mohrin / Moryń

Mohrin / Moryn Through Time

mohrin neumark

An early 1900s photograph of Der Spittelberg in Mohrin Neumark, now Chopina Fryderyka Street, Moryn, Poland.

A selection of images from our picture archive of the small town of Mohrin / Moryń, western Pomerania.

mohrin moryn

A scan of an old picture postcard featuring the market square in Mohrin Nm / Moryn. Posted in 1907.

Some things you might not know about Moryń:
- Until 1945 Moryn was named Mohrin and part of Germany.
- During World War Two, Moryń was inhabited by 1227 people. It was a flourishing spot with a post office, primary school, pharmacy, two doctors, a dentist, two inns, two bakeries, several shops, a distillery, water mill and a windmill.
- There is a long-standing local legend about a giant lobster-like animal supposedly living in the lake!

mohrin nm

A photograph of the memorial and housing in the Market Square of Mohrin / Moryn, c.1911.

- Large parts of the early fifteenth century city walls still remain.
- The ruins of a fourteenth-century castle can be seen just outside Moryn.
- Mohrin / Moryn currently has a population of around 1,600.

moryn poland

A photograph of the lake in Moryn, western Pomerania, Poland, c.1969.

Moryń is today located in the south-western part of the West Pomeranian (zachodniopomorskie) province of western Poland.


A communist-era picture of the ‘Pod Wielkim Rakiem’ restaurant in Moryn, west Pomerania, Poland, c.1984.

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Głuchowo / Woxfelde

Głuchowo / Woxfelde Through Time

Głuchowo Woxfelde

An old lithographic postcard of Głuchowo (former Woxfelde) in what was then Neumark / East Brandenburg, c.1899.

A selection of pre-war images showing the tiny village of Głuchowo (Woxfelde), near Sulecin (Zielenzig), Lubuskie, Poland.

Głuchowo woxfelde Lubuskie

A garden in Głuchowo (Woxfelde), in what is now Lubuskie in western Poland, c.1919.

Głuchowo was called Woxfelde and part of the German province of East Brandenburg / Neumark until the end of the Second World War when it was renamed and became part of Poland. The current population of Głuchowo is less than two hundred.

gluchowo woxfelde oststernberg

A photograph of the main street through Woxfelde (Gluchowo), near Oststernberg, c.1933.

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Barwalde / Mieszkowice

Old Barwalde / Mieszkowice

A guesthouse in Bärwalde (Mieszkowice) around 1908.

An early photograph of a guesthouse in Bärwalde (Mieszkowice) around 1908.

Two archive images of Barwalde in the Neumark. Since 1945, Mieszkowice in Western Pomerania, Poland.

Barwalde Mieszkowice

One of my personal favourite old picture postcards – a railway centred image of Barwalde / Mieszkowice!

Click on either image to enlarge to see more detail.

More old images from our picture archive of Mieszkowice in western Pomerania.

Berkenwerder / Brzozowiec

berkenwerder brzozowiec

Whizzing through the village of Brzozowiec (former Berkenwerder) on the way back from a cinema visit to Gorzów last night I decided that I should scan and put online some images of the place. It’s located on a busy road but not a place people would generally stop at. So here are three old images of Brzozowiec, Lubuskie, western Poland.

berkenwerder brzozowiec

Until 1945 Brzozowiec was called Berkenwerder and part of East Brandenburg / Neumark, Germany.


The next time I drive through Brzozowiec I’ll take a few photographs to show how the place looks today.