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River Notec

Noteć  netze

The River Noteć (Netze) in Drezdenko (Driesen), c.1914.

The River Noteć

The Noteć (Netze) is a river in north-west-central Poland. It has a length of 388 km and is the seventh longest river in Poland. The final section of the Notec before it joins the Warta is often paddled by canoeists and kayakers and the whole river popular with anglers.

Notec river

Boats in the river port area of Nakło nad Notecią (Nakel an der Netze), c.1920.

The Notec river flows from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, through the provinces of Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland) and Lubuskie (Lebus), to Santok near Gorzów Wielkopolski where it joins the River Warta.

Some of the towns and villages the Notec passes through include: Inowrocław, Nakło nad Notecią, Czarnków, Wieleń, Krzyż Wielkopolski, Drezdenko, and Santok.

Nearby Polish rivers:

- The River Warta
- The River Obra
- The River Odra

River Notec

The river port on the Notec in Krzyz Wielkopolski, c.1939.

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Notec Primeval Forest

notec forest poland

Delicious Borowik mushrooms in the Notec Forest of western Poland.

One of Poland’s largest and most beautiful wooded areas is the Notec Primeval Forest in the west of the country. The forest chiefly composed of pine and beech is a magnet for mushroom pickers from all over Poland and neighbouring Germany.  Large quantities of Borowik and Chanterelle and many other edible wild mushrooms are present throughout the Notec Forest.

Nearby towns: Miedzychod; Skwierzyna.

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Notec Forest

Wild mushrooms in the Notec Forest, east of Skwierzyna, Lubuskie, Poland.