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Piszkowice / Pischkowitz

piszkowice pischkowitz klodzo glatz

Piszkowice (German name: Pischkowitz), near Klodzko (Glatz), c.1899.

Piszkowice (former: Pischkowitz and Schlosshuebel) is a village near Kłodzko (Glatz), in Lower Silesia.

piszkowice pischkowitz klodzko

A panorama of Piszkowice (German: Pischkowitz) in Lower Silesia (Niederschlesien), c.1918.

piszkowice-pischkowitz glatz

Three postard images of Piszkowice (Pischkowitz), c.1930. The manor house, a guesthouse, and general view.

piszkowice-pischkowitz birgwitz

Four different photos of Piszkowice (Pischkowitz-Birgwitz) on a picture postcard mailed in 1935.