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Plock in the 1970s

Plock, Poland, 1970.

The public library in Plock, Poland, c.1970.

Płock (Yiddish: Plotzk) is a city on the Vistula river, in central Poland. Its population is currently around 130,000. The Nazis established a Jewish ghetto in Płock in 1940 and from a population of more than 10,000 only 300 Jews survived the war.

Plock Poland

Plac Gabriela Narutowicza, Plock, Poland, c.1971.

Płock polska

Another photograph of pl. Narutowicza Gabriela in Płock, c.1971.

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Płock in the early 1900s

Plock in Old Photographs

Płock 1900

A view of the castle on Tumskie Hill and the river Wisla (Vistula) in Płock, Poland, c.1909.

A selection of images from our archive of the city of Płock in the early 1900s. Plock is located in the province of Mazowieckie in central-east Poland and is approximately 120 kilometres (70 miles) north-west of Warsaw.

plock 1909

An old photographic picture postcard of ulica Grodzka in Plock, c.1909.

Four things you may not know about Plock:
- Between 1079 and 1138 Plock served as the capital of the Polish state.
- Plock was renamed Schröttersburg after Germany invaded Poland in late 1939.
- The American denim jeans manufacturer Levi Straus have a large factory in Plock.
- The current population of Plock is just over 120,000.

plock wisla

A bridge over the River Wisla / Vistula / Wisłą in Plock, Poland, c.1909.

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