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Here are three works of art by the Polish artist Feliks Michal Wygrzywalski.

feliks michal wygrzywalski

Feliks Michał Wygrzywalski was born in Przemysl in 1875 and spent much of his working life in Lwow. He died in Rzeszów in 1944.

feliks michal wygrzywalski

He is probably best known for his paintings of oriental and coastal scenes. His son, Felix Kazimierz Wygrzywalski was also an artist who painted in a similar style.

feliks michal wygrzywalski polish

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British Steel!

Fascinating Fact # 36

Rosław Szaybo

Did you know that …

The cover of the best-selling album ‘British Steel’ by the heavy rock band Judas Priest was designed by the Polish artist and photographer Rosław Szaybo. He also is responsible for the artwork on many other well-known album covers including numerous classical music albums and work by musicians such as Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, Santana, Soft Machine, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Elton John, and the punk rock band ‘The Clash’.

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Rafał Malczewski

rafal malczewski polish

The painting ‘Noon’ (Południe) by the Polish artist Rafal Malczewski. This work was painted in around 1926.

Here is a small sample of some earlier art created by the Polish painter Rafał Malczewski, son of the probably more famous Jacek Malczewski.

Rafał Malczewski

The painting ‘Autumn / Fall in Podhale’ by the Polish artist Rafał Malczewski, c.1926.

Rafał Malczewski was born in Kraków, Poland, in 1892. He lived for many years in Zakopane and was closely associated with other artists like Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz and Karol Szymanowski. He was a prolific artist mostly working in the school of ‘naive realism’. At the start of the Second World War he emmigrated first to France and then to Canada where he continued to paint. He died in 1965 in Montreal, Canada.

rafal malczewski poland

An oil painting of a motor car near Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains of Poland by Rafal Malczewski, c.1935.

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Karol Szymanowski

karol szymanowski

Karol Szymanowski (1882 – 1937) is probably the most celebrated 20th century Polish composer and pianist.

Szymanowski’s is perhaps best known, at least in Poland, for his Third Symphony ‘Song of the Night’, and Fourth, ‘Symphonie Concertante’; a work for violin and piano called ‘Nocturne and Tarantella’; the ballets Harnasie and Mandragora; and the operas ‘King Roger’ and ‘Hagirth’.

Listen to one of our own favourite pieces by Karol Szymanowski below.

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Polish Poster Art

Polish Posters

Jerzy Czerniawski

Polish poster art for the play Mein Kampf by George Tabori. Art by Jerzy Czerniawski.

Polish artists have produced a plethora of truly wonderful poster art for film and theatre plays. Notable artists include: Roman Cieślewicz, Jerzy Czerniawski, Mieczysław Górowski, Zbigniew Kaja, Ryszard Kaja, Henryk Tomaszewski, and Maciej Urbaniec.

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