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Oscypek Polish Smoked Cheese

Oscypek Polish Smoked Cheese

A plate of delicious Oscypek smoked cheese about to be eaten at our home here in Lubuskie, western Poland.

Oscypek is Polish smoked cheese produced in the Tatra Mountains in the far south of Poland. It is traditionally made using unpasteurized salted sheep’s milk. To sample this unique cheese you could travel to the Oscypek Festival organized each summer in Zakopane or alternatively visit any good store anywhere in Poland and buy them to enjoy at home. Since we’re a long way from the Polish highlands we usually buy ours at our local Intermarche supermarket! A similar cheese known as Gołka is made using the milk of cows rather than sheep.

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Polish Smoked Cheese

One of the most popular foods found in lunch boxes and at picnics throughout Poland has to be Serowe warkoczyki wędzone (Braided Smoked Cheese). It’s a traditional smoked and salted cheese made from steamed cow’s milk formed into spaghetti-like strings and braided together by hand. Both our children love the salty, smokey taste of this most Polish of cheeses.

polish smoked cheese braids

A plate of Polish smoked cheese braids. This type of cheese is made using traditional methods and is a most tasty snack.

This type of Polish smoked cheese does not contain preservatives and are made using only the finest natural ingredients. Our family’s favourite brand of stringed cheese is made by ‘Milkeffekt’ based in the town of Cieszyn.

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