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Popular Childrens Names in Poland

Polish names

Have you ever wondered what the most popular names in Poland are?

Well here are two lists detailing the most commonly given names in use by 6 year old children starting at schools in Poland this year:

Popular Boys Names

1 – Jakub
2 – Kacper
3 – Filip
4 – Jan
5 – Szymon
6 – Michał
7 - Wojciech
8 – Antoni
9 – Mateusz
10 – Adam
11 – Bartosz
12 – Igor

Popular Girls Names

1 – Julia
2 – Maja
3 – Lena
4 – Zuzanna
5 – Wiktoria
6 – Amelia
7 – Oliwia
8 – Aleksandra
9 – Natalia
10 – Zofia
11 – Hanna
12 – Nikola

These are not all necessarily traditional Polish names but the list is a snapshot of the most popular names being registered in Poland six years ago. Fashions change as television and pop celebrities come and go and as a result the ranking of names may be slightly different today. However, a child born in Poland today has a very good chance of being given one of the names above.

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The Polish Surname Kowalski

Fascinating Fact # 24

The second most common Polish surname both in Poland and among emigrant communities such as Polish Americans is Kowalski. The name is the equivalent of ‘Smith‘ in English.


The names Kowalski, Kowalczyk, Kowalewski, and Kowalewicz, are derived from the Polish word for Blacksmith.

Other common Polish surnames include:

- Nowak (derived from the word ‘new’)
- Kaminski (derived from the word ‘stone’ or ‘rock’)
- Wisniewski (connected with the word ‘Cherry’)
- Zielinski (stemming from the word ‘green’)
- Kozlowski (geographically derived – perhaps, Kozłów)
- Jankowski (habitational name – Janków / Jankowo / Jankowice)
- Grabowski (probably derived from the word ‘grabie’ (rake) or ‘grabic’ (to plunder)
- Szymanski (derived from derived from the personal name ‘Szymon’)
- Wozniak (meaning ‘caretaker’ or ‘carriage driver’)


Fascinating Fact # 23

The most common surname in Poland is Nowak, which derives from the word ‘new’ or related words ‘newcomer’, ‘new man’ or ‘stranger’.


Nowak – the most common surname in Poland. Thought by some to mean ‘new convert’ to Christianity.

The largest numbers of families with the name Nowak live in the province of Wielkopolska / Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland) and Silesia (śląskie).

Many Americans and Canadians with Polish roots who originally had the surname Nowak have or have had Anglicized the name to Novak or Novack.

The second most common name in Poland is Kowalski (meaning Smith).