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pesa train sa134

A Pesa 218m / Sa134 ‘railbus’ diesel multiple unit operating a service from the Polish/German border to Poznan.

Pesa Rail Vehicles are a Polish company based in Bydgoszcz, which produce and renovate railway vehicles. They serve both railway transport and urban rail customers. Manufacturing locomotives, multiple units, coaches, and trams for clients throughout Europe. Pesa have to date supplied railway stock to twelve countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and, of course, Poland. They currently employ around 3,000 people at their works in Bydgoszcz.

The two Pesa 218md railbuses pictured here are fitted with diesel engines built by MTU in Germany.

diesel railbus sa135 218m

Another Pesa 218md / SA 134 diesel railbus operated by Lubuskie Regional Railways at the station in Gorzów.

Gryfice Narrow Gauge Railway

gryfice railway

The Gryfice Narrow Gauge Railway (Nadmorska Kolej Wąskotorowa / Seaside Narrow Gauge Railway) is a 40 kilometre long narrow gauge railway which runs between Gryfice and along the Baltic Sea coast to Rewal, Niechorze and Pogorzelica in western Pomerania.

Gryfice narrow gauge railroad

More about the Narrow Gauge Railways of Poland.

gryfice narrow gauge railway

Trains run daily between the beginning of May until the end of September.

Offsite link to timetable and full details of the rather splendid Nadmorska Kolej Wąskotorowa.

Polish Railway Map 1953

A scan of part of a vintage railway map showing the railway lines in existence in 1953.

Polish Railway Map

Click on map to enlarge and see how very extensive the Polish railway system once was.

This scan is of the western part of Poland and includes locations such as:

Bydgoszcz, Gorzów Wlkp., Miedzyrzecz, Poznan, Rzepin, Skwierzyna, Szczecin, Wolsztyn.

Other scans of the same ancient Polish railway map will be added at a later date. Come back soon for another look at the early 1950s Polish railroad system!

Polish State Railways

pkp polish state railways logo

A plate featuring the P.K.P (Polish State Railways) logo. This is fixed to a 1950s steam locomotive.

Polskie Koleje Państwowe / P.K.P (Polish State Railways) is the main railway operator in Poland.

p.k.p polish state railways

An inter-war period travel poster promoting Krakow issued by Polish State Railways. / P.K.P

Some things you may not know about railways in Poland:
- One of the earliest Polish railway lines was the Warsaw-Vienna route. Begun in the 1840s and completed in 1865.
- The railway connecting Warsaw with Moscow via Brest was completed in 1866.
- The first railway locomotive factory was set-up in Chrzanów in 1923.
- The first Polish electric railway was built in 1927.
- Many regional lines are now operated by a company called Przewozy Regionalne. Ownership is currently in the hands of Poland’s sixteen provinces.
- Polskie Linie Kolejowe is the name of the P.K.P subsidiary responsible for the upkeep of railway tracks, timetables, and the management and maintenance of railway stations and related property.
- Everyday scheduled passenger trains driven by steam locomotives still operate from the depot in Wolsztyn, western Poland. This is the only such operation in Europe.
- There are currently 23,429 kilometres (14,558 miles) of passenger and freight railway lines in operation.

pkp poland

A steam locomotive and modern diesel multiple unit at the station in Wolsztyn, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

Offsite link: An online train timetable for Poland.

Railway Stations in Poland

railway station meseritz

A steam train at Meseritz (Miedzyrzecz) railway station, c.1905.

Three more old images featuring railway stations from our picture archive!

railway station witnica

An old picture postcard image of the railway station in Vietz (Witnica), c.1906.

Come back soon to view more rare images of Old Poland.

railway station reppen rzepin

The railway station in Reppen (Rzepin), c.1911.

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