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Polish State Railways

pkp polish state railways logo

A plate featuring the P.K.P (Polish State Railways) logo. This is fixed to a 1950s steam locomotive.

Polskie Koleje Państwowe / P.K.P (Polish State Railways) is the main railway operator in Poland.

p.k.p polish state railways

An inter-war period travel poster promoting Krakow issued by Polish State Railways. / P.K.P

Some things you may not know about railways in Poland:
- One of the earliest Polish railway lines was the Warsaw-Vienna route. Begun in the 1840s and completed in 1865.
- The railway connecting Warsaw with Moscow via Brest was completed in 1866.
- The first railway locomotive factory was set-up in Chrzanów in 1923.
- The first Polish electric railway was built in 1927.
- Many regional lines are now operated by a company called Przewozy Regionalne. Ownership is currently in the hands of Poland’s sixteen provinces.
- Polskie Linie Kolejowe is the name of the P.K.P subsidiary responsible for the upkeep of railway tracks, timetables, and the management and maintenance of railway stations and related property.
- Everyday scheduled passenger trains driven by steam locomotives still operate from the depot in Wolsztyn, western Poland. This is the only such operation in Europe.
- There are currently 23,429 kilometres (14,558 miles) of passenger and freight railway lines in operation.

pkp poland

A steam locomotive and modern diesel multiple unit at the station in Wolsztyn, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

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