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Postomia Postum river

Children and swans on the Postomia (Postum) river in Sulecin (Zielenzig), c.1905.

The Postomia (Postum) is a river of around 70 kms in length in the western province of Lubuskie in Poland. The river begins in Lake Postomsko (Bürger See) and continues through places like Wedrzyn, Ostrow, Sulecin, Krzeszyce, Lemierzyce, and the Warta Mouth National Park near Slonsk.

postomia postum

The river Postomia (Postum) in Krzeszyce (Kriescht Neumark), c.1933.

During the Spring and Summer months kayaks and the occasional canoe can be seen on the River Postomia. The most commonly paddled and probably easiest section being between Lemierzyce and Slonsk. This route of approximately 12 kms takes around four hours depending on the number of obstacles encountered on the way. These obstacles are fallen trees brought down by the many beavers to be found in this part of the country. As well as mammals such as beavers and wild boar, bird-watchers will delight in the storks, herons, cormorants, and kingfishers that can frequently be seen ‘fishing’ along pretty much the entire route of the River Postomia to the River Warta.

Other rivers in the area include the River Obra, River Warta and River Odra (Oder).