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Sopot / Zoppot

Three photographic picture postcards of Sopot (Zoppot in German), Poland.

seebad zoppot sopot

Prince Wilhelm and Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia on the beach in Zoppot before the First World War.

zoppot sopot poland

A photograph with Nazi flags flying on a jetty in Zoppot (Sopot), in 1941. Click on picture to see more detail.

Zoppot Sopot

A photograph of the German ship, Prussia, docking at Zoppot (Sopot) in 1941. Click to enlarge image.

Sopot is a seaside town in Eastern Pomerania on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Poland. It’s current population is approximately 40,000. It is located between the larger cities of Gdansk (Danzig) to the southeast and Gdynia to the northwest. The three cities together make up the metropolitan agglomeration of Trójmiasto (Tri-City).

Crown Prince Wilhelm

Crown prince wilhelm oels olesnica

Crown Prince Wilhelm on an Olesnica (Oels) postcard posted in 1902 to an address in Koenigswalde (Lubniewice).

The German Crown Prince Wilhelm (Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst, 6 May 1882 – 20 July 1951) was the eldest child of the last German Kaiser (Emperor) Wilhelm II and his wife Empress Augusta Victoria, and the last Crown Prince of the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia, and House of Hohenzollern.

Crown Prince Wilhelm Oels

The Crown Prince (Kronprinz) Wilhelm and his wife Cecilie outside their castle in Olesnica (Oels) in Lower Silesia, c.1930.

Wilhelm spent much of his life living in his castle in Olesnica (Oels) and hunting from his summer residence in the nearby village of Ligota Male (Klein Ellguth).

Crown Prince Wilhelm meeting Adolf Hitler in Breslau (Wroclaw) in 1933.

Thorn / Torun

Three old photographic postcards of Thorn, West Prussian, now Torun, Poland.

Thorn Torun

The City Hall in Torun, West Prussia, now Torun, c.1910. Click on picture to enlarge.

Thorn Torun Poland

A photograph looking across Thorn toward the river bridge. This picture taken in around 1917.

Interesting fact: Toruń is the birthplace of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

Thorn Torun railway station

A super postcard of the railway station in Thorn (Torun) at night posted to Koenigswalde Neumark in 1906.

Thorn / Torun today

Toruń is a city in northern Poland, on the Vistula River. The population of Torun is around 200,000 and it is one of the oldest cities in Poland. The medieval part of the city is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.