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Railways in Poland

Here are six photographs taken earlier today on a Przewozy Regionalne (Regional Railways) train journey from the city of Gorzów in the western province of Lubuskie. The railway network in Poland consists of around 14,000 miles of track, most of which is powered by overhead electricity. The dominant rail operator is Polskie Koleje Panstwowe (PKP) / Polish State Railways.

railways poland

The modern frontage of the railway station in Gorzow, Lubuskie, Poland.

railways poland booking

The super-clean booking hall and ticket office at Gorzów Wlkp., railroad station, western Poland.

rail poland

The PKP information board detailing arrivals and departures of passenger trains at Gorzow station.

railways station poland

A regional railways (Kostrzyn – Krzyz) train at one of the platforms of Gorzow rail station.

railway train poland

The view from inside the train looking out at the picturesque Lubuskie / Lebus country outside of Gorzow.

railway station poland

Our destination today – a small village between Gorzow and the German border.

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