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Budka Suflera

Budka Suflera are a Polish rock band formed in Lublin in 1969. They might best be described as ballad driven rock. As a band they are still going strong and one of the most popular bands in Poland. Check them out here!

This is one of Budka Suflera’s more recent songs, ‘Kiedy Rozum Spi’ (When the mind sleeps). Other well-loved songs include: ‘Jolka Jolka’, ‘Za ostatni grosz’ (The last penny / cent) and ‘Jest taki samotny dom’ (Such a lonely house).

Breakout – The Best Polish Rock Band

Breakout is a Polish rock band, formed in 1968. Here is a film of them performing one of their earliest songs, ‘Poszlabym za toba’ (I would follow you).

That song is great but our favourite song by the band is the laid-back and very bluesy ‘Modlitwa’. Be sure to seek that one out.

Breakout’s band members:
Tadeusz Nalepa – guitar, harmonica, vocals
Mira Kubasinska – vocals
Janusz Zielibski – bass guitar
Krzysztof Dlutowski – keyboards
Jozef Hajdasz – drums

Also: Jozef Skrzek (later of the other great Polish blues rock band – S.B.B)


Breakout – a fantastic blues rock band from Poland. We recommend you buy all their CDs!

The Heavy Metal band – Turbo

Kawaleria Szatana

Poland’s premier hard rock band Turbo’s album Kawaleria Szatana. Perhaps not dissimilar to the band Iron Maiden.

Turbo are a heavy metal band from Poznan in Poland. They have to date produced more than a dozen albums. The most famous of which is probably Kawaleria Szatana (Satan’s Cavalry) from 1986.

Listen to the fairly melodic single ‘Dorosle dzieci’ (Adult Children) by Turbo here!

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The Polish Rock band, Dzem

Dżem are a Polish blues-rock band who are immensely popular in Poland for songs like ‘Czerwony jak cegla’ (Red as a Brick), ‘Whisky’, ‘Sen o Victorii’ (Dream about Victoria), ‘Harley moj’ (My Harley), ‘Mala aleja roz’ (Little Rose Avenue), and ‘List do M.’ (Letter to M.).

Wehikuł czasu (The Time Machine) – a song by the Polish rock band Dzem.

The band were formed in 1973 and are still making music today.

The classic line-up of Dzem:
Ryszard Riedel – vocals, harmonica
Beno Otreba – bass guitar, guitar, vocals
Adam Otreba – guitars, vocals
Jerzy Styczynski – guitars
Pawel Berger – keyboards, Hammond organ, vocals
Leszek Falinski – drums

Dzem Poland