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Rothbach / Żórawina

zorawina rothsurben

Four different views of Zorawina (former: Rothsurben / Rothbach) in Lower Silesia, c.1914.

Żórawina (German: Rothsurben / Rothbach) is a small town, with a population of around 2,400, located in Lower Silesia, south-west Poland.

zorawina rothbach nazimarch

A Nazi era group of locals parade through Zorawina (Rothbach), c1937.

Three things you may not know about Żórawina
- Żórawina was called Rothsurben until 1937 when it was renamed Rothbach.
- Until 1945 Zorawina was part of Germany
- It is located 15 kilometres south of Wrocław on the railway line from Wrocław to Kłodzko.

Żórawina  rothbach

The Catholic and Protestant churches, radio mast, and railway station in Żórawina (Rothbach), c.1939.