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New canal to be built in Poland

Poland plans to build a new canal to bypass a stretch of coastline controlled by Russia. The canal scheme will cost an estimated €210 million (£167 million), and link the Vistula Lagoon in the north east of Poland with the Baltic Sea. Currently, all sea traffic from the lagoon and the busy port of Elblag has to travel through Russian waters to get to the Baltic Sea. The route of the new canal will cut through a narrow strip of land, which separates the lagoon from the sea.

Elblag port harbor poland

An early 1970s picture postcard of boats in the port harbour area in Elblag, Poland.

See also our pictures of pre-war Elbing / Elblag in the north-east of Poland.

Poles Deported to Siberia

poles deported russia

Did you know?

That after Russia invaded and occupied vast areas of eastern Poland in 1939 between 500,000 and one million Poles are estimated to have been deported by Stalin to slave labour camps in the Soviet Union. These camps were chiefly located in Siberia and Kazakhstan. It is believed that only one third of those deported survived.