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Schoenau / Świerzawa

Schoenau an der Katzbach Świerzawa

An old postcard from Schoenau an der Katzbach, now Świerzawa, Schlesien, c.1899.

In response to a visitor request here are scans of three images from our archive of the small town of Schoenau an der Katzbach, now Świerzawa in Lower Silesia, south-west Poland.

Schonau Swierzawa

The Lower Market Square in Schonau / Swierzawa, Lower Silesia, c.1930.

Three things you may not know about Świerzawa:
- Świerzawa was called Schoenau until 1945 and between 1945 and 1947, Szunów.
- A recently closed railway line once connected Świerzawa with Legnica, Złotoryja, Marciszów, Kamienna Góra, and Lubawka.
- Świerzawa has a population of around 2,400.

Schonau Swierzawa pl

An aerial photograph of the centre of Schoenau / Swierzawa. This was taken in 1939.

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Orłowiec / Schoenau

Orłowiec sommerfrische schoenau

A photograph of the church and houses in the middle of Orłowiec (former name: Sommerfrische Schoenau), c.1911.

Orłowiec (former: Schoenau / Schönau / Sommerfrische Schonau) is a picturesque village near Ladek Zdroj (Bad Landeck) in the Klodzko (Glatz) area of Lower Silesia (Niederschlesien), southwest Poland.

Orłowiec Schoenau pl

An old picture postcard view of the village and valley of Orłowiec (former: Schoenau), c.1937.

Three things you may not know about Orłowiec:

- The church in Orlowiec is dedicated to Saint Sebastian, and dates back to around 1600.
- In 1867 records show that 588 people lived in Orlowiec.
- The current population of the village is 71.

orlowiec 1939 map

Part of a German map of Orlowiec (Schonau), near Ladek Zdroj (Bad Landeck), c.1939.

orlowiec schoenau

The village of Orlowiec (German name: Schoenau), Lower Silesia, c.1940.