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Neudorf / Nowa Wieś


An old pre-war multiview postcard of Nowa Wies (former: Neudorf). Posted in 1929 to Frankfurt an der Oder.

Here we present a selection of images from our archive and photographs taken on a recent wander around the village of Nowa Wieś (former Neudorf), near Skwierzyna (Schwerin) in Lubuskie, Poland. Look closely at the images and you will see some of the changes that have taken in Nowa Wies through time.

Neudorf Nowa Wies

Four 1930s photographs of Nowa Wies (Neudorf), near Skwierzyna (Schwerin an der Warthe) / Bledzew (Blesen).

Some things you may not know about Nowa Wieś:

- Nowa Wieś has a population of around 600 people.
- The local church is dedicated to St. Nicholas and dates back to the 1760s.
- An unrestored 19th century manor house (schloss / palac) can be seen in Nowa Wieś.
- Neudorf (the German pre-war name for the village) and Nowa Wieś mean the same in English – ‘New Village’

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Yesterday we attended a fun car and motorcycle event at a sports stadium in Lubuskie, Poland. The event called Demolka (or Demolition in English) was organised by ‘Street Owners’ from the Czech Republic and featured all manner of stunts including cars driving on two wheels, motorcycle jumps, people leaping through fiery hoops from the roof of fast moving cars, a mock hanging, and a motorbike globe of death. Much fun was had by all who attended!

demolka poland

‘Streets Owners’ are a touring group that put on similar events throughout Poland and elsewhere in Europe. When not doing this they are involved in providing stunts for numerous television productions and movies.

demolka lubusz

Stary Dworek

Stary dworek obra

A traditional wooden carving close to the River Obra in Stary Dworek.

Images of and information on the village of Stary Dworek, near Skwierzyna, in Poland.

Children fishing in the River Obra in Stary Dworek.

Children fishing for tiddlers in the River Obra in Stary Dworek in Lubuskie, Poland.

Some things that not everyone will know about Stary Dworek:
- Prior to the end of the second World War, Stary Dworek was called Althoefchen and part of Germany.
- The name Stary Dworek means ‘Old Manor House’.
- The population of Stary Dworek currently numbers around 240.
- The baroque style Church of St. Joseph in Stary Dworek dates back to 1776.
- The ruins of an eighteenth century manor house and distillery survive.
- The ruins of part of the Międzyrzecz Fortified Region, can still be seen in Stary Dworek.
- The River Obra in Stary Dworek is well-loved by canoeists and kayakers in Poland.

Stary Dworek

What remains of the old manor house in Stary Dworek, Lubuskie, western Poland.

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Jewish Cemetery

jewish cemetery

Three photographs of a little-known Jewish cemetery in Lubuskie, western Poland.

Jewish cemetery poland

jewish cemetery juden

This somewhat neglected Jewish cemetery is located high on a hill overlooking the small town of Skwierzyna in the west of Poland. It contains more than two hundred graves with the earliest we could identify dating back to 1747. Most headstones are made of Sandstone. Many have unfortunately suffered damage since the cemetery went out of use before the Second World War.

Although, now very much a part of Poland this location was part of Germany until 1945 and the town named Schwerin an der Warthe.

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Schwerin / Skwierzyna

Schwerin Warthe markt

A photograph of various shops including a chemist, and a hotel, in Schwerin, c.1931.

Four old pre-war photographs of the Town Hall and Market Square area in the town of Schwerin (an der Warthe), since 1945, Skwierzyna, Lubuskie, Poland. Click on any image to enlarge and see more detail.

schwerin rathaus

Five cars and an advertising pillar combined with signpost outside the town hall in Schwerin / W (Skwierzyna), c.1931.

Schwerin church and town hall

A busy street scene of shops, the church, and the side of the town hall building in Schwerin Warthe, c.1933.

Schwerin an der warthe

A super photograph of the Deutsches Haus Hotel and pharmacy in Schwerin n der Warthe / Skwierzyna, c.1933.

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Pictures of Skwierzyna in the 1960s

Three 1960s photographs of Skwierzyna in Lubuskie province, Poland. Click on any image to enlarge.

Skwierzyna Polska

A picture of the town hall in Skwierzyna around 1965.

Skwierzyna 1960

A multiview postcard showing four different views of Skwierzyna, c.1967.

Skwierzyna Poland Polska

A fascinating photograph of a busy street in Skwierzyna, Poland, c.1969.

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Obra River

The Obra River

Obra Trzciel

The bridge over the River Obra in Trzciel (Tirschtiegel) in 1912.

The Obra is a river which flows through the provinces of Wielkopolskie and Lubuskie in the west of Poland. Over the course of the Obra’s 164 kilometres it passes through the towns and villages of Babimost, Kościan, Kargowa, Zbaszyn, Trzciel, Miedzyrzecz and Bledzew until meeting the larger River Warta in Skwierzyna. Along its route the Obra also flows through several picturesque lakes filled with fish. During the summer months the river is frequented by canoe and kayak enthusiasts and an established canoe trail exists.


A rowing boat on the River Obra near Zbąszyń (Bentschen). c.1912.

Interesting things about the Obra River:

- A wide variety of mammals inhabit the countryside along the banks of the Obra. These species include beaver, otter, deer, badgers, hare, and wild boar. Turtles and water snakes are commonly seen in the Obra itself.
- Some of the fish to be found in Obra include catfish, trout, grayling, perch, pike, powan, barbel, and catfish.
- Local legend tells of a giant catfish that dwells in one of the lakes close to the end of the river in Skwierzyna. Local fisherman speak of ducks being eaten and small dogs disappearing!

Obra river

People swimming in the River Obra in Miedzyrzecz (Meseritz) in the mid 1930s.

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Prittisch / Przytoczna

Prittisch Przytoczna schwerin

Children gathered outside the Catholic Church in Przytoczna / Prittisch, c.1905.

A selection of old images from our collection of the village of Przytoczna (Prittisch), near Skwierzyna (Schwerin), Lubuskie, western Poland.

Prittisch Przytoczna lubuskie

Three different picture postcard views of Przytoczna / Prittisch, c.1912.

Some things you may not know about Przytoczna:
- Prior to 1945 Przytoczna was called Prittisch and part of East Brandenburg, Germany.
- The village has two very nice lakes – Przytoczno and Nadolnym.
- Przytoczna has its own Jehovah’s Witnesses (Kingdom Hall).
- In recent years a Polish version of the famous Spanish ‘Tomatina’ tomato festival has been held in Przytoczna. Przytoczna’s Holy Tomato ‘Święta Pomidora’ Battle takes place in August of each year and people from far and wide take part.

Prittisch Przytoczna

Another rather interesting picture postcard of Przytoczna / Prittisch, c.1930.

Przytoczna has a population of around 2,000. It is located around 12 kilometres east of Skwierzyna and 20 kilometres north-east of Międzyrzecz.

Prittisch Przytoczna skwierzyna

More postcard views of Przytoczna (Prittisch), near Skwierzyna (Schwerin). This posted from Prittisch in 1942.

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The Railway Station in Schwerin Warthe

schwerin warthe skwierzyna

An old postcard of a steam train at the railway station in Schwerin an der Warthe in 1907.

Two pre-1945 picture postcards of the railway station in Schwerin Warthe - since the end of the Second World War, Skwierzyna, Lubuskie, Poland.

Schwerin Warthe Skwierzyna

The railroad station in Schwerin (Skwierzyna) in the early years of the 20th century.

Part of a 1930s map showing the railways around Schwerin / Skwierzyna. Click here to see a full-size image of the same map. This is a large map and covers other towns in the area, so will take some time to download and/or view.

schwerin warthe map

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