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Steam Trains in Nowy Tomysl

Three photographs of Px48 narrow gauge steam locomotives pulling trains in Nowy Tomyśl, Poland, in the early 1990s.

PKP Polish railways steam locomotive Nowy Tomysl

A PKP Polish railways Px48 steam locomotive at Nowy Tomysl, Poland, in 1991.

The Px 48 was a narrow gauge steam locomotive built between 1949 and 1955 in Chrzanów, Poland. In total 101 of these locomotives were produced. They worked on 750mm and 1000mm railway lines throughout Poland right up until the 1990s.

PKP Polish Railways steam train

A Polish Railways Px48 narrow gauge steam locomotive and train in Nowy Tomysl in 1991.

A number of these cute looking steam locomotives survive today. Mostly as static exhibits, in places like Sroda Wielkopolska, Gniezno, Poznań, and Zbąszynek. But one or two Px48s remain in full working order. The best of these working locos Px48-3916 can be found steaming up and down the narrow gauge line in Gryfice.


A Px48-1902 steam train at a level crossing in Nowy Tomysl in 1991.

This now disused line ran a total of around 30 kilometres between Duszniki Wielkopolskie to Nowy Tomyśl (Wąsk), passing through the villages of Kozielaski, Roza, Wąsowo and Trzcianka.

Nowy Tomysl (Neutomischel) is a town in the west of the province of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland).

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Wolsztyn Railway Station

Polish Railways Wolsztyn, Poland.

A large Polish Railways steam locomotive and railbus waiting at the railway station in Wolsztyn, Poland.”

Wolsztyn is the location of a large locomotive roundhouse, which is the last such place in Europe to supply steam locomotives for regular, timetabled train services on a national railway network. These mainline services run from the station in Wolsztyn to Leszno and Zbąszynek and also to Grodzisk Wielkolpolski and Poznan.

wolsztyn railway station

A new railbus run by Wielkopolskie local railways at the station in Wolsztyn, Poland.

Attached to the Wolsztyn railway shed is a railway museum featuring restored carriages and locomotives and railwayana and offering a variety of souvenirs for sale. Accommodation is also available!

Polish State Railways also organise an annual ‘parade’ of locomotives, which takes place at the start of May. Here’s a short film of one of these super events. Click on the arrow above to play.

Polish steam locomotive

A picture of a class Ol49 2-6-2 steam engine at Wolsztyn this week. This train is headed to Grodzisk and Poznan.

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