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Thomasdorf / Domanów

Nieder Thomasdorf

A very early lithograph picture postcard of Nieder Thomasdorf (Domanow), Schlesien, c.1899.

A trio of pre-war picture postcards from the village of Thomasdorf (Domanów) in Silesia, Poland.

Thomasdorf de

Another early litho postcard featuring three different views of Thomasdorf, Silesia, c.1900.

wind mill in thomasdorf Domanów

A multiview postcard including the windmill and other photographs of Thomasdorf (Domanów), c.1922

Domanów (Thomasdorf) is a village not far from Marciszów (Merzdorf) in Lower Silesia, Poland. It is located in the foothills of the Walbrzyskie Mountains in the Sudetenland.