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March for Polish Independence

An old image from our picture archive of a postcard featuring an image of a march for Polish independence, which took place in Warsaw on the 3rd May 1916.

March for Polish Independence

An old postcard of a march for Polish independence, which took place during the First World War in Warsaw.

National Independence Day (Narodowe Święto Niepodległości) is celebrated on the 11th November each year to commemorate the anniversary of the restoration of Poland’s sovereignty as the Second Polish Republic in 1918. It is an official public holiday in Poland, and schools, banks, government offices and the majority of private businesses are closed.

Jews in Warsaw

Jews Poland

An image taken from a glass negative of a very busy market square in Warsaw at the end of the 19th century.

A low resolution scan of a newly acquired glass negative of Jews and Poles trading and shopping at a very busy market in Warsaw, c.1895.

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Polish Post Office have just issued a special First Day Cover commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. A scan of the cover can be seen at the bottom of this page along with a similar special envelope and stamp produced to remember the 20th anniversary on 1963.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

A special cover and stamp issued to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was an act of Jewish resistance that arose within the Warsaw Ghetto in German-occupied Poland in April 1943. The uprising opposed Nazi Germany’s final efforts to transport the remaining population of the Jewish Ghetto to the concentration camp in Treblinka. The uprising ended when despite fierce fighting the ghetto was finally liquidated on the 16th May. This was the largest single revolt by Jews during World War Two.

warsaw ghetto uprising 2013

A first day cover and postage stamp issued on the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

The Synagogue in Warsaw

Warsaw synagogue

An old picture postcard of the Synagogue in Warsaw, c.1917.

The Great Synagogue on Tlomackie Street in Warsaw, Poland, as it looked in 1917. Click on image to enlarge.

Great Synagogue of Warsaw was one of the finest buildings built in Poland in the 19th century and at the time of its opening was the largest synagogue in the world.

The Synagogue was built by the Warsaw’s Jewish community between 1875 and 1878 and was blown-up after the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising on 16th May 1943 by the SS. A skyscraper built in the 1980s now stands on the site.

Great Synagogue

Pictures of the Great Synagogue after its destruction in 1943 by SS-Gruppenführer Jürgen Stroop acting on the orders of Himmler and Hitler.

Interesting fact: Warsaw once had a Jewish population equal to the number of Jews living in all of France.

Sigismund’s Column Warsaw

Warsaw Zygmunt

An old picture postcard of Sigismund’s / Zygmunt’s column in Warsaw, c1910.

Two pictures of Sigismund’s Column in Warsaw, Poland. Click on images to enlarge.

Sigismund place warsaw

Sigismund’s Column, people and trams in Sigismund Place, Warsaw, c.1911.

Sigismund’s Column (in Polish – Kolumna Zygmunta) is located in Castle Square, Warsaw, Poland. It was erected in 1644 and is probably Warsaw’s most famous landmark. The column and statue commemorate King Sigismund III Vasa, who in 1596 had moved Poland’s capital from Krakow to Warsaw.