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Josef Pilsudski Banknotes

The National Bank of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski) has just issued a splendid new banknote featuring Josef Pilsudski to commemorate the Centenary of the Formation of the Polish Legions. The banknotes have a face value of 20 złoty.

Josef Pilsudski banknote

Two scans of the new 20 zloty Jodef Pilsudski banknote recently circulated by the Bank of Poland.

The front of each banknote features the image of Marshal Józef Piłsudski.

The reverse of the banknote depicts images of the Grand Cross of the ‘Order of Virtuti Militari’ awarded to Marshal Pilsudski, as well as symbols for the First Brigade of Polish Legions.

Polish Zloty

Polish zloty

A Polish 1 zloty coin minted in 1995.

The currency used in Poland is called the złoty (symbol: zł / exchange code: PLN). The world zloty, literally translated means ‘gold’ or ‘golden’. The modern złoty is subdivided into 100 grosz. The usual English plural form of the word zloty is zlotys.

Polish zloty 100 zl

A 100 zloty banknote issued in 1988 featuring the socialist activist and theoretician Ludwik Warynski

Polish Zoty Marie Curie

A 20,000 Zloty Polish banknote from 1989 featuring the Nobel Prize winning Chemist and Physicist Marie Curie.