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Zobten / Sobótka

zobten Sobótka

A thithographic picture postcard of Sobótka (Zobten) in Lower Silesia, c.1899.

Sobótka (former: Zobten a. Berge) is a small town located at the foot of the Ślęża mountain and situated around 35 kilometres southwest of the city of Wroclaw in Lower Silesia.

zobten berge Sobótka

Another old postcard showing the mountains towering above Sobótka (Zobten am Berge), c.1912.

Potentially fascinating facts concerning Sobótka

- Sobotka is one of the oldest Polish towns settled under German law. It obtained these rights in 1221.
- Sobotka is located at the foot of the Ślęża (Zobelberg) mountain.
- Prior to 1934 Sobótka was called Zobten am Berge and part of Germany.
- In 1934 in line with the Germanization of the old Slavic names in Silesia, its name was changed to Siling.
- The town was captured by the Soviet Red Army on May 7th 1945 and following the transfer of Upper Silesia to Poland it was renamed Sobótka.

zobten am berge sobotka railway

The railway station in Sobotka (Zobten am Berge) with the twin mountains behind. Posted in 1916.

zobten Sobótka

The two churches in the centre of Sobótka (Zobten), near Wroclaw (Breslau), c.1928.

Other random facts about Sobotka

- Sobotka Zachodnia station on the Wrocław Główny – Świdnica – Jedlina Zdrój railway line is currently closed. But there are some plans to reopen the line.
- The population of Sobotka is currently approximately 6,800.

zobten a berge sobotka

An old picture postcard of Swidnica street in Sobotka (Zobten a. Berge), c.1937.