Tauenzin / Tawęcino

Tauenzin Tawecino

A picture postcard featuring three photographs of Tauenzin (Tawecino) in the late 1920s. Click to enlarge image.

Tawęcino (Tauenzin) is a small village near Lebork (Lauenburg) in Pomerania (Pommern), Poland. Here we have two old picture postcards of pre-war Tauenzin, as it was called until 1945, and a pre-war map of Tauenzin and nearby villages of this rural part of northern Poland.

Tauenzin Tawęcino pl

Two different picture postcard views of Tauenzin (Tawęcino), Pommern, c.1920.

tauenzin pomerania

A German-era map of Tauenzin. Click on image to enlarge and see more detail.

The railway line featured on the map used to connect Tauenzin / Tawęcino with Lebork, Choczewo and Wejherowo. It is currently unused.

Other villages shown on this map include Bonswitz (Basewice) and Koppenow (Kopaniewo).

Click here to view and/or download the full-size map. It’s a huge file so depending on the speed of your connection may take some time to download.

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