Tirschtiegel / Trzciel

gruss aus tirschtiegel trzciel

A ‘Gruss aus’ (Greetings from) Tirschtegel / Trzciel picture postcard, c.1899.

A selection of old picture postcards and photographs of the town of Tirschtiegel, since 1945, Trzciel, Lubuskie, Poland.

Tirschtiegel Trzciel

The market square area of Tirschtiegel / Trzciel, c.1918.

Some things you may not know about Trzciel:
- The River Obra flows through Trzciel.
- After the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War One Tirschtiegel / Trzciel found itself located on the border between Germany and Poland.
- Trzciel was called Tirschtiegel until 1945 and part of Germany.
- The former synagogue is now the fire station.
- Despite some destruction after the Second World War, Trzciel has one of the best preserved Jewish cemeteries in Poland.

Tirschtegel Trzciel

Berliner Strasse in Tirschtiegel / Trzciel, c.1920.

One or two other bits of information related to Trzciel:
- Trzciel is often used as a starting point for people canoeing the River Obra.
- The population of Trzciel last year numbered just over 2,450.

Tirschtiegel Trzciel

Children near the lake in Tirschtiegel / Trzciel, c.1925.

tirschtiegel obra trzciel

The bridge over the River Obra in Tirschtiegel / Trzciel, c.1943.

canoe trzciel

Canoes and kayaks beside the River Obra in Trzciel, Poland, c.1965.

An interactive map of the Trzciel / Pszczew area of Lubuskie in western Poland.

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