The Traditional Dress of Lowicz

Two vintage images illustrating the traditional dress worn in the Lowicz area.

Lowicz Poland

The description under this photograph from 1922 reads:


“Lowicz is renowned for its coloured wools, and Lowicz girls for their
handsome rainbow costumes. The striped, quasi-crinoline skirt and neat
bodice present a delightful medley of soft rich hues, enhanced by endless
strings of amber or coral beads.”

Lowicz traditional dress

Another old image of a group of Poles dressed in the traditional dress of the Lowicz area.

Lowicz embroidery

Three postage stamps illustrating some embroidery found on Polish traditional costumes.

Another old picture of pre-war Lowicz in central Poland.

Lowicz is home to an interesting ethnographic museum and open-air skansen where
Polish art, historical artifacts, and traditional wooden village houses can be seen.

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