Trebnitz / Trzebnica

Trebnitz Trzebnica

Workers doing their thing on the slopes of a vineyard in Trebnitz / Trzebnica, c.1910.

Four more images from our old picture archive. Today it is the turn of Trzebnica, a town about twenty kilometres north of the city of Wroclaw, in Lower Silesia, Poland.

Trebnitz Trzebnica

An old picture postcard featuring a panorama of Trebnitz / Trzebnica shortly before the end of the First World War.

Selected facts about Trzebnica:
- Trzebnica was called Trebnitz until the end of the Second World War and part of Germany.
- A railway line connects Wrocław Psie Pole with Trzebnica.
A narrow gauge railway with two stations – Trzebnica Zdrój and Trzebnica Gaj – used to operate here.
- The population of Trzebnica is around 12,000.

Trebnitz Trzebnica

Langestrasse (now: Daszyńskiego Ignacego) in Trebnitz / Trzebnica, in Lower Silesia, c.1925.

trebnitz trzebnica denkmal

The First World War war memorial (Denkmal) in Trebnitz / Trzebnica, c.1925.

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