Treptow / Trzebiatów

treptow rega

A scan of an old picture postcard of Treptow / Trzebiatów, Western Pomerania, Prussia, c.1900.

Three old images of pre-war Trzebiatów (Treptow an der Rega) in Western Pomerania / Zachodniopomorskie, Poland.

Treptow an der Rega

An old image of the main square area in Treptow an der Rega / Trzebiatów, Pommern, c.1930.

Three things you may not know about Trzebiatow:
- Until 1945 Trzebiatow was called Treptow an der Rega and part of Prussia, Germany.
- Cars registered in Trzebiatow all have number plates which start with the letters ZGY.
- There are presently around 10,000 people living in Trzebiatów

treptow Trzebiatów

An elevated photographic view of Treptow / Trzebiatów, c.1941.

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